rss_2.0Physics FeedSciendo RSS Feed for Physics Feed on educational applications based on diagnostic learning analytics in the context of big data analytics<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>In the context of the significant data era, this paper explores the educational applications based on diagnostic learning analytics technology to improve personalized learning and teaching effects in the educational process. The study adopts a multidimensional feature fusion approach to construct a cognitive diagnostic model to predict learners’ knowledge status and future learning performance. Through actual data testing, the model can effectively predict the students’ knowledge mastery state and analyze the students’ learning process in depth. The experimental results show that the diagnostic model exhibits high efficiency and accuracy in predicting students’ knowledge mastery status, with an accuracy rate of 92.97%, significantly better than traditional teaching methods. In addition, the study explores the encoding method of learners’ multidimensional features and constructs a dynamic diagnostic model of test factors and student factors based on graph attention network. The study provides a new learning analysis and diagnostic method in the education field, which helps improve the effect of personalized learning.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue Reform Path of Curriculum Civics Integrated Teaching Mode under the Background of Technological Empowerment with Multi-cluster Structural Modeling<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This study explores the innovative reform path of the comprehensive teaching model of course civics in the context of technological empowerment with multi-cluster structural model. Fang this paper takes S city colleges and universities as an example, based on the theory of planned behavior, it establishes the evaluation index system of influencing factors. Using DEMATEL method to process the scoring data of 15 experts, the influence matrix between the factors was shown, and the fundamental values such as influence degree and influenced degree were calculated. These key factors were then validated using factor analysis and multi-cluster structural modeling. The study results show that the improvement of teaching methods significantly impacts the teaching effect, in which the centrality of “global awareness” is the highest at 10.188. To improve the teaching effect, colleges and universities need to prioritize improving teaching methods, especially the strengthening of the cultivation of global awareness, and combine with the means of scientific and technological empowerment, to carry out the innovation of curriculum Civic and Political Education.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue on Countermeasures for Protection of Dietary Intangible Cultural Heritage in Henan Province in the Context of Rural Revitalization<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>Under the rural revitalization strategy, protecting dietary intangible cultural heritage in Henan Province is particularly important. This study explores the protection countermeasures of intangible cultural heritage of cuisine (shorted as ICH)in Henan Province to promote the sustainable development of culture and tourism. The research methods include DEA model, TOPSIS method, exploratory spatial data analysis and coupling degree analysis. The results show that between 2016 and 2023, the coupling degree of ICH and rural tourism in Henan Province increased from 0.4241 to 0.6917.Especially in Nanyang City, the development of ICH cultural and tourism projects significantly promoted rural tourism, and its level of rural tourism development increased from 0.51 to 0.98.In addition, the grey correlation analysis reveals that the market demand, technological innovation, business interests and policy support are the main influencing factors. The coupling and coordination degree of NGT and rural tourism shows an upward trend. The conclusion points out that the protection of dietary intangible cultural heritage in Henan Province needs to pay attention to market demand, technological innovation and policy support to achieve the dual goals of rural revitalization and cultural protection.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue on Strategies of Colleges and Universities to Enhance the Sense of Acquisition of College Students’ Ideological and Political Education in the Context of Deep Learning<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The ideological and political theory course in colleges and universities carries the primary task of propagating Marxism, and is the central position of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, so how to improve its actual effect has been emphasized by the research in the field of ideological and political education. This paper takes the example of college students of M-school, and wants to reveal the intrinsic connection between the sense of access to civic and political education of college students, and the sense of access to knowledge, the sense of access to emotion, the sense of access to will, the sense of access to value. The focus of the study is to apply the factor analysis method to investigate the factors affecting the access to civic and political education, and explore the path of influencing factors through PLS-SEM model and regression analysis. The study focuses on the application of factor analysis to explore the factors affecting the sense of access to civic and political education of college students, the PLS-SEM model to explore the path involving the sense of access to civic and political education, and the regression analysis of the factors affecting the sense of access to civic and political education of college students, which indicates that the sense of access to civic and political education of college students = 0.558+0.149*knowledge acquisition + 0.333*emotion acquisition + 0.112*will acquisition + 0.154*value acquisition. In actual learning, combined with the background of deep understanding, college students should make their efforts, schools should strengthen the construction of teachers, improve the quality of education supply and play the role of the educational environment.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue of Students’ Cognitive Ability in Civics Informational Education in Colleges and Universities in the Era of Artificial Intelligence<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>In the context of the artificial intelligence era, the informationized education of Civics in colleges and universities is critical to enhance students’ cognitive ability. This study explores how to optimize the teaching of Civics and Politics and enhance students’ cognitive ability through ADDIE-F model. The purpose of the study is to optimize the teaching of Civics and Politics through the ADDIE-F teaching model, and then enhance students’ cognitive ability. Methodologically, this study adopts the design process of Civics teaching based on ADDIE-F model, and combines clustering and multiple regression models to predict and analyze students’ cognitive ability. The results showed that students in the experimental group performed significantly better than the control group in the three aspects of cognitive ability A, experiential ability B and control ability C, in which the average improvement rate of cognitive ability reached 20%. The conclusion shows that the Civics informatization education model based on the ADDIE-F model can effectively improve students’ cognitive ability, which helps to cultivate students’ comprehensive quality and ideological and moral level.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue Approach and Evaluation Innovation of Civics in Art Courses in Colleges and Universities in the Context of Digital Transformation<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The research firstly constructs the evaluation system of art course Civics, including 2 first-level indicators, 6 second-level indicators and 21 third-level indicators. Bayesian network and war strategy optimization algorithm are used to optimize the evaluation method. In the study, Yaahp software was used to calculate the weights of the indicators. Through empirical analysis of the indicators of “understanding great morality” and “abiding by public morality” of A art students in colleges and universities, it was found that teaching curriculum civic politics significantly impacted improving students’ ideological virtues. The results show that among the indicators of “understanding great virtue”, “ideal belief” (P=0.000), “responsibility of the times” (P=0.025) and “service to society and the people” (P=0.025) have a significant effect on the improvement of students’ ideological virtues. “Serving the society and people” (P=0.001) are substantial; among the indicators of “observing public morality”, “decent makeup” (P=0.021) and “generous dress” (P=0.021) are significant; among the indicators of “observing public morality”, “good makeup” (P=0.021) and “good dress” (P=0.021) are substantial. In the indicator of “observance of public morality”, the indicators of “decent makeup” (P=0.021) and “generous dress” (P=0.018) are significant. The evaluation method based on Bayesian network and war strategy optimization algorithm can effectively assess the implementation effect of Civics in art courses in colleges and universities, which is essential in enhancing students’ awareness of Civics.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue on the Current Development and Dissemination of Jidong Folk Song from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage Based on VAR Modeling<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This study explores the development status and dissemination effect of Jidong folk songs under the perspective of intangible cultural heritage through VAR modeling, to provide new perspectives and methods for protecting and inheriting traditional folk songs. Using a panel space VAR model, the effects of intangible cultural heritage protection, human capital and physical capital on Jidong folk songs were analyzed. The study first utilizes the VAR model for lag determination and smoothness test, then explores the variables’ interactions through the impulse response analysis path. The results show that human capital and physical capital of intangible cultural heritage protection have a significant positive effect on Jidong folk songs. In the analysis of the spread of Jidong folk songs, multiple linear regression analysis was used, and it was found that familiarity with Jidong folk songs, music appreciation preference and enjoyment after appreciation were the key factors affecting their spread. Protecting intangible cultural heritage promotes the development and dissemination of Jidong folk songs to a certain extent, but some negative impacts require further research and strategy optimization.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue on Algorithm-Driven International Chinese Online Language and Culture Dissemination Mechanisms<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>With the development of digitalization and Internet technology, algorithm-driven international Chinese online language and culture dissemination mechanisms are becoming increasingly important and a key area of cultural exchange in globalization. This study explores the international Chinese online language and culture communication mechanism under algorithm-driven. By analyzing social network data and adopting quantitative methods such as the SEIR model, the study reveals the effects of network structure, user behavior and cultural content characteristics on communication. The study results show that in the algorithm-optimized network environment, the propagation speed of information is increased by about 50%, and the propagation efficiency of its central node is increased by nearly 70%. Simulations using the SEIR model show that the dissemination coverage of Chinese culture can be increased by more than 40% in a short period with the intervention of the algorithm. In addition, the survey data shows that about 60% of the respondents consider social media the main channel to learn about Chinese culture. The study also found that content with a high degree of interactivity is more likely to be disseminated, with an average interaction rate 30% higher than that of moderate content. Algorithm-driven Chinese cultural communication has higher speed and breadth, but it also needs to pay attention to the depth and diversity of cultural content.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue Exploration of the Application of Principal Component Analysis in Big Data Processing<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>With the arrival of the significant data era, efficiently processing large-scale multidimensional data has become challenging. As a powerful data dimensionality reduction tool, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) plays a vital role in big data processing, especially in information extraction and data simplification, showing unique advantages. The research aims to simplify the data processing process and improve the data processing efficiency by PCA method. The research method adopts the basic theory of PCA, the improvement of the weighted principal component analysis algorithm, and standardized and homogenized data processing techniques to process large-scale multidimensional data sets. The results show that the data dimensionality is significantly reduced after using PCA, for example, in the Analysis of the earnings quality of listed companies in the e-commerce industry, the cumulative variance contribution rate of the first four principal components extracted by PCA reaches 81.623%, which effectively removes the primary information of the original data. PCA not only reduces the complexity of the data, but also retains a large amount of crucial information, which is a significant application value for the processing of big data, especially in the fields of data compression and pattern recognition.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue innovation research on “dual-carbon” goals and high-quality development of urban green economy in the context of information technology<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>In information technology, realizing the goal of “dual carbon” and the high-quality development of urban green economy is an essential challenge for contemporary society. This paper explores how to effectively realize this goal with the impetus of technological progress through strategic innovation research. An improved K-means algorithm is used to cluster analyze the relationship between urban economic development and the “dual-carbon” goal. The Study firstly outlines the K-means clustering algorithm, and then proposes an improved algorithm, DT-Kmeans. through the empirical Analysis of cities in central China, this Study finds that the DT-Kmeans algorithm can more accurately analyze the contribution of the city’s dimensions to the economic development. Specific results show that the contributions of the five dimensions of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing are 23.76%, 5.72%, 30.49%, 15.21% and 24.85%, respectively. This indicates that the green dimension impacts urban economic development in the context of “dual carbon”. In addition, the Analysis of new energy use in central China found that the installed capacity of clean energy increased from about 4 million kilowatts in 2015 to more than 8 million kilowatts in 2020, an increase of more than 100%. Through technological innovation and strategy adjustment, the city can simultaneously realize the “double carbon” goal and promote high-quality economic development.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue and Value Evaluation of Ecotourism Resources in Agricultural and Cultural Heritage Sites Based on Clustering Algorithm--Taking Hani Terraces Globally Important Agricultural and Cultural Heritage Site as an Example<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>Taking the Hani Terraces as an example, this study explores the classification and value evaluation of ecotourism resources in agricultural and cultural heritage sites, applying clustering algorithms with the aim of revealing their ecological, economic and social values and promoting the sustainable development of heritage sites. The study establishes an evaluation system including economic benefits, sightseeing resources, agricultural resources and ecological resources, and applies the gray system theory and cluster analysis method. Through the expert scoring of 27 evaluation indicators, combined with the gray clustering algorithm, the ecotourism resources of Hani Terraces were classified and valued. The results show that the vast majority of indicators (15/27) are rated as excellent, 11 indicators are good, and only 1 indicator is medium. In addition, the research on 80 households showed that the villagers’ perceived index of heritage protection averaged 4.44, the perceived index of ecological problems averaged 3.22, and the perceived index of tourism development averaged 3.84. In summary, the ecotourism resources of Hani Terraces have significant value and the local residents have a positive attitude towards their protection and development.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue and Innovation of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature in the Context of the Digital Age<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>With the rapid development of digital technology, Chinese modern and contemporary literature is facing unprecedented challenges of transformation and innovation, and how to realize the innovation of literature in the context of the digital era has become the key. This study adopts a combination of natural language processing and knowledge mapping to analyze literary works’ narrative vein and character relationships. The research process includes text preprocessing, constructing co-occurrence matrix, LDA topic model analysis, knowledge graph construction and narrative line visualization. The results show that the performance of characters, emotions and plots in modern and contemporary literary works has significant characteristics, and the co-occurrence analysis reveals the close connection between literary works. Through clustering analysis and association rule mining, a significant correlation was found between the style of literary works and narrative content. It is concluded that Chinese modern and contemporary literature shows diverse narrative styles and thematic contents in the digital transformation, an important revelation for literary innovation and development.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue Construction of “Interactive” English Translation Teaching Mode in the Background of Internet<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This paper discusses the construction of “interactive” English translation teaching mode in the background of the Internet, and analyzes the application of neural machine translation model in improving the effect of translation teaching. The research adopts Word2vec algorithm to train word vectors, combines neural network language model and encoder-decoder structure, and constructs Transformer model and CNN+Transformer model to improve translation efficiency and quality. The translation experiments on sentences of different lengths show that the models perform better in short sentence translation. The experimental results show that the proposed model outperforms the traditional model in terms of BLEU value, and the best translation effect is found in test set 1, where the BLEU value is improved by 10.6 and 11.7 compared with that of the baseline model and the CNN model, respectively. The “interactive” teaching mode designed with POA theory significantly outperforms the traditional teaching mode regarding students’ lexical, grammatical and semantic translation quality. The “interactive” English translation teaching with neural translation model can effectively improve the quality of translation teaching and students’ learning effect.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue and application of art design based on visual communication technology<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This paper deeply discusses the art design based on visual communication technology, studies its application in modern art expression, and its influence and promotion on design aesthetics. The research starts from three aspects: the hierarchical needs of art design, the relationship between visual communication and art design expression and the integration path of art design and visual communication. Through the hierarchical analysis of art design expression content, the application of media design, composition design and metaphor design in visual art is discussed in depth. Meanwhile, the relationship between art design and visual communication is studied and the path of integration between art design and visual communication is proposed. The experimental part includes the extraction of art design style features, the recognition of artworks based on color style and texture features, and the satisfaction analysis of art design effects. The results show that the method proposed in this study has high accuracy in art style recognition, excellent performance in art texture recognition, and good feedback regarding satisfaction with art design effects. This proves the effective application of visual communication technology in art design, which is significant in promoting modern art design development.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue Analysis of Digital Technology in Physical Education and Training in the Context of Multimedia Era<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>In the multimedia era, the application of digital technology in physical education and training is becoming increasingly important. This paper analyzes how digital technology can improve biological education teaching effectiveness and students’ motivation and independent learning ability. The research methodology uses digital physical education teaching and curriculum integration, motion retrieval technology, and motion editing and scoring technology. It is found that the physical education teaching mode using digital technology is significantly better than the traditional method, in which the advantage of the class using digital technology in the mastery of physical education skills is obvious. The Analysis of final grades shows that the number of experimental courses with more than 90 points is three times as many as that of the control class. The average grade, learning motivation, and independent learning ability are higher than in traditional teaching. The specific data show that the mean value of understanding motivation in the experimental class is 26.47, and that in the control class is 24.87 (P=0.0031), which shows that the digital technology significantly improves students’ motivation to learn. The application of digital technology in physical education can dramatically improve the teaching effect, enhance students’ learning motivation and independent learning ability, an important development direction of modern physical education.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue on the Cultivation of Core Literacy of Physical Education Professionals in Colleges and Universities Based on the Background of Data Mining<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>In the context of the data-driven era, it is essential to explore practical ways to cultivate the core literacy of sports professionals in colleges and universities. This study aims to analyze the core literacy of physical education majors in depth by using data mining technology to seek a more scientific and systematic cultivation strategy. The study used the decision tree CART algorithm and the improved Apriori algorithm to analyze the physical fitness data of the students in the School of Physical Education of S University. The CART algorithm clustered the biological fitness data of male and female students, and it was found that male students’ primary physical fitness deficiencies were concentrated in the upper body strength and standing long jump events. In contrast, female students showed deficiencies in endurance and lower body explosive strength. The improved Apriori algorithm reveals the association rules between different physical fitness items, for example, there is a strong association between boys’ 50-meter running performance and pull-up performance. There are apparent differences in the influencing factors of physical fitness between male and female students, which need to be targeted to design training programs. It was found through association rule mining that specific physical testing programs significantly affect students’ physical fitness quality. This study provides a new path for cultivating core quality of physical education professionals based on data mining, which offers scientific basis and practical guidance for physical education in colleges and universities.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue visualization and analysis of digital media arts research<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>As an emerging art form, the development trend and impact of digital media art have attracted much attention, and the introduction of CiteSpace tools provides a new perspective for digital media art research, making it possible to analyze the scientometrics of this field. Relevant documents in Web of Science database were selected and analyzed by CiteSpace version 5.6.R4 for research collaboration and thematic co-occurrence networks. The results show that between 2004 and 2022, the total number of digital media arts research literature is 359, of which the literature volume from 2014 to 2022 accounts for 66.85%, and the average annual number of publications is about 27, reflecting the rapid growth of research in this field. Keyword analysis shows that “digital media art”, “digital technology”, “cultural industry”, “education “ and so on have become research hotspots. Digital media art research is gradually shifting from technology and nature exploration to university discipline construction and application practice, showing the trend of cross-border cooperation of disciplines.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue Dependence and Strategic Responses to Supplier Concentration in the Internet Era<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This study explores enterprises’ supplier concentration path dependence in the Internet era and its impact on enterprise performance, and analyzes enterprise coping strategies to optimize supply chain management and enhance enterprise competitiveness. The research method adopts principal component analysis and Tobit model, and selects the data of 100 listed enterprises in the manufacturing industry from 2015 to 2020. The results show that supplier concentration positively correlates with enterprise performance, in which the mean value of supplier concentration is 0.58 and the correlation coefficient with enterprise performance is 0.35. In addition, control variables such as enterprise size and investment opportunities also significantly impact enterprise performance. The conclusion states that the path dependence of supplier concentration positively affects enterprise performance, and enterprises should respond to it by optimizing supply chain management and establishing an internal control system. This provides a new perspective for enterprise supply chain management in the Internet era.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue on Face Attribute Recognition Technology Based on Fine-Grained Features<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This study explores fine-grained feature-based face attribute recognition techniques to enhance the accuracy of face recognition in low-resolution and complex environments. The article proposes a global feature extraction method and a local texture feature extraction method to extract global and regional features by enhancing feature reuse and information flow through dense connectivity and ShuffleNet V2 framework. Then, a multiscale feature exchange method is used to fuse different scale features to enhance the capture of detail information. Finally, efficient feature integration is achieved by the multiscale feature fusion method. Experimental results on the CK+ and FER2013 datasets show that the accuracy of this method on face expression recognition reaches 97.24% and 95.93%, respectively, and the average recognition accuracy in the face attribute recognition experiments on the CelebA dataset is 97.11%, which is significantly better than the comparison algorithm. In addition, the analysis of the recognition effect on low-resolution faces shows that this paper’s method achieves a recognition accuracy of 54.03% at a resolution of 15 × 15 and a high accuracy of over 99% at resolutions of 70 × 70 and above. These results show that the face attribute recognition technique based on fine-grained features proposed in this paper significantly improves recognition accuracy.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue on the Construction of English Intelligent Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities Facilitated by Artificial Intelligence Technology<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, its application in education has become increasingly widespread, especially in English teaching in colleges and universities. Using artificial intelligence technology to build an intelligent teaching mode can effectively improve the quality of teaching and students’ learning efficiency. The study adopts Bayesian algorithm and Bayesian-based learning tracking model (BKT and BF-BKT) as the main methods to optimize the teaching mode by analyzing learners’ mastery of knowledge points and behavioral performance. The results show that the maximum response time of the model is only 1038.59 milliseconds when the number of users is 120, proving the model’s efficiency in handling large-scale data. In addition, the intelligent teaching model positively impacted both teacher-student interaction and student learning ability. The teacher speech ratio decreased from 80.26% to 62.53%, and the students’ autonomy and participation increased significantly; the mean value of students’ learning ability in independent learning and critical thinking exceeded 4.00. The application of AI technology in teaching English in colleges and universities can significantly improve the quality of teaching and students’ learning effect.</p> </abstract>ARTICLEtrue